Nancy Pickard

Nancy Pickard was born in Kansas City, Missouri. She is the creator of:
1. 'Jenny Cain', Executive Director of The Foundation, a trust fund that manages and distributes money to needy projects in the town of Port Frederick, Massachusetts.
2. 'Marie Lightfoot', a true crime author.
She also completed an unfinished manuscript The 27-Ingredient Chili Con Carne Murders of Virginia Rich and continued the 'Eugenia Potter' series. Visit also the author's own site.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Jenny Cain' Novels
 1) Generous Death  1984
 2) Say No to Murder (Anthony Award)  1985
 3) No Body  1986
 4) Marriage Is Murder (Macavity Award)  1987
 5) Dead Crazy  1988
 6) Bum Steer (UK Title: Crossbones [1990]) (Agatha Award)  1989
 7) I. O. U. (Macavity Award, Agatha Award)  1991
 8) But I Wouldn't Want to Die There  1993
 9) Confession  1994
10) Twilight  1995
'Marie Lightfoot' Novels
 1) The Whole Truth  2000
 2) Ring of Truth  2001
 3) The Truth Hurts  2002
'Eugenia Potter' Novels
 1) The Blue Corn Murders (based on notes made by Virginia Rich)  1998
 2) The Secret Ingredients Murder  2001
Other Novels
 1) Storm Warnings (short stories)  1999
 2) The Virgin of Small Plains  2006
 3) The Scent of Rain and Lightning  2010