Evelyn E. Smith
Pseudonym: Delphine Lyons

Evelyn E. Smith was born in New York City. She was an author and compiler of crossword puzzles. She also wrote science fiction novels. She is the creator of 'Miss Melville', a middle-aged socialite-turned-assassin (Book number 5, Miss Melville Runs for Cover, was never published).


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Miss Melville Regrets  1986
 2) Miss Melville Returns  1987
 3) Miss Melville's Revenge  1989
 4) Miss Melville Rides a Tiger  1991
As 'Delphine Lyons'
 1) Flower of Evil  1965
 2) House of Four Windows  1965
 3) The Depths of Yesterday  1966
 4) Valley of Shadows  1968
 5) Phantom at Lost Lake  1970