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Frederick Irving Anderson

Contents of the Short Story Collections:  

The Adventures of the Infallible Godahl (1914)
*An All-Star Cast
*Blind Man's Buff
*The Fifth Tube
*The Infallible Godahl
*The Night of a Thousand Thieves
The Notorious Sophie Lang (1925)
*Dilatory Domiciles
*The Jorgenson Plates
*The Peacock
*The Signed Masterpiece
*The Social Destitute
*The Van Duersen Haze
*The Whispering Gallery
The Book of Murder (1930)
*Beyond All Conjecture
*Big Time
*The Dead End
*The Door Key
*Gulf Stream Green
*The Japanese Parasol
*The Magician
*The Recoil
*A Start in Life
*The Wedding Gift

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