Rumeli Fort (Amedeo Preziosi) (1500)

The Sea Battle of Preveze (Ohannes Umed Beyzad) (1500)

The Entrance to the Golden Horn (Amedeo Preziosi) (1000)

Asian Shore of the Bosphorus River (Auguste Mayer) (1000)

Carpet Bazaar (Charles Robertson) (1500)

Weapon Seller (Osman Hamdi Bey) (1000)

Carpet Seller (Jean Leon Gerome) (1000)

View of the Mosque near Tophane (Giovanni Renica) (1000)

Landscape from Tophane (Carlo Bossoli) (1000)

The End of the Song (Edmund Blair Leighton) (1024)

The Music Lesson (Frederic Leighton) (1024)

A Carpet Sale in Kahire (Charles Robertson) (1500)

The Lyre Player (Georges Marie Rochegrosse) (1500)