Naval Battle (500)

On the Frosty Afternoon (A. Wierusz-Kowalski) (1000)

The Redoutable at Trafalgar (Auguste Étienne François Mayer) (1000)

Up to No Good (Henriëtte Ronner-Knip) (1000)

In the Bazaar (Charles Wilda) (1000)

The Jewelry Merchant (Ettore Simonetti) (1000)

The Old Bridge (Gordon Lees) (1000)

Sonata by Firelight (Judy Gibson) (1000)

The Grass Cutter (Daniel Ridgway Knight) (1500)

First Roses (Wladyslaw Czachórski) (1500)

Geisha Tea Ceremony (1000)

Constantinople (Jacques Francois Carabain) (1000)

Off to School (Charles Burton Barber) (1000)

The River Crossing (A. Wierusz-Kowalski) (2000)

A Bouquet of Pleasures (Hélène Béland) (1000)

Egyptian Chess Players (Lawrence Alma-Tadema) (1000)

Flower Stand in Paris (Louis Marie de Schryver) (1000)

The Old Gdansk (1000)

Santisima Madre in the Storm (1500)