Coming to Trade (John Buxton) (750)

Washington's Crossing, 1753 (John Buxton) (750)

Winter Retreat Canada Geese (Larry Fanning) (1000)

Himalayan Royalty (Larry Fanning) (1000)

Cheyenne Sentinels (Larry Fanning) (1000)

The Better Life (John Buxton) (750)

He Returns Victorious (John Buxton) (750)

Wet Paints (Jack Sorenson) (750)

Friendship...A Common Ground (John Buxton) (750)

13 Kinds of Trouble (Jack Sorenson) (750)

Beans du Jour (Larry Fanning) (1000)

Sergeant Beaubien (John Buxton) (750)

When All That Glitters (Jack Sorenson) (750)

Eagle Heart (Bev Doolittle) (750)

Sacred Spaces: Voices of Spring (Charles Frizzell) (1000)