A Summer Idyll (Henry John Yeend King) (500)

A Path by the Mill (Henry John Yeend King) (500)

Beach Head Patrol (Geoff Nutkins) (500)

Salute to the Few (Geoff Nutkins) (500)

The Crossing (Robert Nixon) (500)

The Red Dragon (Robert Nixon) (500)

Lifeboat (Peter Bradshaw) (500)

Feeding a Pony (Edward Killingworth Johnson) (500)

Action between U.S. Frigate 'Constitution' and British Frigate H.M.S. Java
on 29th December 1812 (John Steven Dews) (2000)

The Introduction (Tito Conti) (1000)

Village Life, Alfriston (Gordon Lees) (500)

Street Scene (Peter Bradshaw) (500)

Sentimental Journey (Alan Maley) (500)

The Book Collectors (Louis Moeller) (500)

Snow Street Scene (Peter Bradshaw) (500)

Baloon Seller (Alan Maley) (500)

Contemplation (Henry John Yeend King) (500)

New Playmates (Ernest Walbourn) (500)

None But the Brave Deserve the Fair (James Shaw Crompton) (1000)

A Village Tavern (Dean Wolstenholme) (1000)

Naval Manoeuvres (Edwin Thomas Roberts) (1000)

The Battle of Trafalgar (William Stuart) (1000)

The May Queen (Henrietta Mary Ada Ward) (500)

The Young Admirer (Garry Cartwright) (500)

Affectionate Thoughts (Ladislas de Czachorski) (1000)

The Christening (Johann Hamza) (1000)

Backstreet Gossips (G.P. Cartwright) (500)

The Mussel Cleaners (G.P. Cartwright) (500)

The Wedding (onbekend) (1000)

Ludgate, London (John O'Connor) (1000)

The Wedding (Johann Hamza) (1000)

The Fording (Frank C. McCarthy) (1000)

A River View in Alsace (Charles Euphrasie Kuwasseg) (1000)

Napoleon and General Davout (Raymond Desvarreux) (1000)

A Winter's Day in St. James's Park (John Ritchie) (1000)

Queen Victoria and Her Family, Golden Jubilee 1887 (Laurits Tuxen) (1000)

After Naseby (Edgar Bundy) (1000)

H.M.S. Conway in the Mersey, with the Mauretania (Kenneth Shoesmith) (500)

S.S. Ophir (Charles Murray Paddy) (500)

New Year's Day - New Amsterdam (George Henry Boughton) (500)

Return to School (Henry Jules Jean Geoffrey) (500)

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