The Chariot Race (Alexander von Wagner) (1000)

The Battle of Trafalgar (J.M.W. Turner) (1000)

The Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776 (John Trumbull) (1000)

Holy Week in Seville (José Jiménez y Aranda) (1000)

The Arrival of the Earl of Manchester in Venice (Luca Carlevaris) (1000)

Crystal Palace and Its Grounds at Sydenham, London, 1852 (J.D. Harding) (1000)

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (Thomas Moran) (1000)

Room in Brooklyn, 1932 (Edward Hopper) (1000)

In Without Knocking (Charles Russell) (1000)

The Mill Pond (Maxfield Parrish) (1000)

Niagara (Frederic Church) (1000)

The Rocky Mountains (Albert Bierstadt) (1000)

Grant and His Generals (Ole Peter Hansen Balling) (1000)

Grand Canyon with Rainbow (Thomas Moran) (1000)