Air Show (Kevin Walsh) (1000)

Bayonet! Forward (Dale Gallon) (500)

Plan for Victory (John Paul Strain) (550)

Beside Still Waters (John Paul Strain) (500)

A Good Place to Roost (Jack Sorenson) (550)

Free As the Wind (Jack Sorenson) (500)

The First Miracle (James Seward) (1000)

Charlestown Station (John Paul Strain) (1000)

The Horse Thief (Jack Sorenson) (1000)

Whistle Stop (Werner Willis) (500)

The Coming of the Iron Horse (Frank McCarthy) (500)

The Beachcombers (John Seerey-Lester) (1000)

Reluctant for Progress (Les Ray) (1000)

The Pennsy at Broad Street (John Winfield) (500)

His Covenant (James Seward) (500)

This is My Body (James Seward) (1000)

Christmas Moon (John Paul Strain) (1000)

Jacob's Pharmacy (Lee Dubin) (1000)

Family Circle (Lee Stroncek) (1000)

The Saloon (Lee Dubin) (1000)

The Shortcut (Jack Sorenson) (1000)

The Reading Shops (Tony Fachet) (1000)

Winter Evening on the Hill (John Barber) (1000)

The Long Track Home (James Dietz) (500)

On Wings and a Prayer (William S. Phillips) (550)

Waiting on the Pennsy (Ted Blaylock) (1000)

Last of the Wild Ones (Jack Sorenson) (1000)