Cotswold Smithy (Gordon Lees) (500)

The New Car (A. Strutt) (500)

Devon Sunlight (B.J. Freeman) (500)

Christmas Leave (T.R. Owens) (500)

Winter in the City (Kevin Walsh) (500)

Living Legend (Barry Freeman) (500)

London Town (Rubens Moore) (500)

The Death of Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar (Daniel Maclise) (500)

Nearing Departure (Malcolm Root) (1000)

Cornish Riviera (Malcolm Root) (1000)

Winter Wayfarers (B.J. Freeman) (500)

Cities of Lancaster (B.J. Freeman) (500)

Sharing the Moment (B.J. Freeman) (500)

Summer at Saltern Cove (B.J. Freeman) (500)

The Strand (A. Fearnley) (1000)

On the Canal (Charles Euphrasie Kuwasseg) (750)

The Houses of Parliament (J.M. Anderson) (1000)

Het Vertrek van de Postiljon (H. Hardy) (1500)

De Belangrijke Brief (Mario Capaldi) (750)

Voorjaarsdecoratie (A.G. King) (750)

Hugs and Kisses (C. Barber) (500)

River Ribble, Yorkshire (750)

De Bakker (Stephen Cummins) (500)

De Postbode (Stephen Cummins) (500)

De Melkboer (Stephen Cummins) (500)

Wat een Mooie Bloemen (Stephen Cummins) (500)

Please Mr. Postman (Mario Capaldi) (1000)

A Special Pleader (Charles Burton Barber) (500)

Chester, ca 1860 (Kenneth Hammond) (2000)

An Omnibus Ride to Piccadilly Circus (Alfred Morgan) (500)

Village, England (Gordon Lees) (1000)

The Egg Stall (F. Schnitzler) (1000)

One of the Family (Frederick George Cotman) (1500)

Fishing (Michael Jupp) (500)

London (Brian Eden) (500)

Cambrian Coast Express (John Austin) (750)

Waiting at Dymock (Don Breckon) (500)

Double Header at Dainton (Don Breckon) (500)

Meeting the Train (Don Breckon) (500)

Picnic (Don Breckon) (500)

Snowhill Station (Terence Cuneo) (1000)

The Flower Seller (Alfred Glendening) (1000)

The Great Marquess (Terence Cuneo) (1000)

Norwegian Fjord (Adelsteen Normann) (1500)

Monday Wash (Gordon Lees) (500)

Springtime (Arthur John Elsley) (1000)

New Orleans (Roy Cross) (2000)

Bridgnorth Departure (John Austin) (1000)

Going North (George Earl) (1000)

By the Bridge (F.A. Bridgman) (2000)

The Twelve Days of Christmas (Anne Graham Johnstone) (1000)