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Margery Allingham
Pseudonym: Maxwell March

Margery Allingham is one of the group of eminent detective novelists known to collectors and critics as "the Big Four". Creator of Albert Campion and his manservant, the inimitable Magersfontein Lugg, who appeared in some twenty hugely readable crime novels spanning the late 1920s to the mid-1960s, 
Margery Allingham quickly developed a large following which persists to this day. Her novels have a verve and vivacity which makes them great fun to read, as well as providing the kind of ingenious puzzle so beloved of crime afficionades everywhere. She also wrote under the pseudonym 'Maxwell March'.
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Peter Davison as Albert Campion
in the BBC Television Series

Titles and year of publication:
'Albert Campion' Novels
 1) The Crime at Black Dudley (US Title: The Black Dudley Murder [1930])  1929
 2) Mystery Mile  1930
 3) Look to the Lady (US Title: The Gyrth Chalice Mystery [1931])  1931
 4) Police at the Funeral  1931
 5) Sweet Danger (US Title: Kingdom of Death [1933]) (Also published as: The Fear Sign [1961])  1933
 6) Death of a Ghost  1934
 7) Flowers for the Judge (Also published as: Legacy in Blood [1949])  1936
 8) Dancers in Mourning (Also published as: Who Killed Chloe? [1943])  1937
 9) The Case of the Late Pig  1937
10) Mr. Campion: Criminologist (short stories)  1937
11) The Fashion in Shrouds  1938
12) Mr Campion and Others (short stories)  1939
13) Traitor's Purse (Also published as: The Sabotage Murder Mystery [1942])  1941
14) Coroner's Pidgin (US Title: Pearls Before Swine [1945])  1945
15) The Case Book of Mr. Campion (short stories)  1947
16) More Work for the Undertaker  1948
17) The Tiger in the Smoke  1952
18) The Beckoning Lady (US Title: The Estate of the Beckoning Lady [1955])  1955
19) Hide My Eyes (US Title: Tether's End [1958]) (Also published as: Ten Were Missing [1961])  1958
20) The China Governess  1963 (USA 1962)
21) The Mind Readers  1965
22) Cargo of Eagles (Unfinished novel, completed by P. Youngman Carter)  1968
23) The Allingham Case-Book (short stories)  1968
24) The Allingham Minibus (Also published as: Mr. Campion's Lucky Day and other stories [1992]) (short stories)  1973
25) The Return of Mr. Campion (short stories)  1989
Other Crime Novels
 1) The White Cottage Mystery  1928
 2) Black Plumes  1940
 3) Wanted: Someone Innocent (novelet and short stories)  1946
 4) Take Two at Bedtime (US Title: Deadly Duo [1949]) (novelets)  1950
 5) No Love Lost (novelets)  1954
As 'Maxwell March'
 1) Other Man's Danger (US Title: The Man of Dangerous Secrets [1933])  1933
 2) Rogue's Holiday  1935
 3) The Shadow in the House  1936

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