Robert Banfelder

Robert Joseph Banfelder grew up in Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey. He currently lives on Long Island with his wife. He is an author, teacher, and investigative reporter. He is the creator of:
1. 'Justin Barnes', a covert operative.
2. 'Richard Geist', a murderer and cult leader.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Justin Barnes' Novels
 1) The Teacher  2006
 2) The Author (prequel to the series)  2007
 3) Knots  2011
 4) The Good Samaritans  2014
 'Richard Geist' Novels
 1) No Stranger Than I (as Robert Joseph Banfelder) (Also published as: Dicky, Richard an I [2014])  1990
 2) The Signing  2014
 3) The Triumvirate  2015
 Other Novels
 1) Trace Evidence  2012
 2) Battered  2015
 3) The Long Island Serial Killer Murders - Gilgo Beach and Beyond  2020
 4) Snuff Stuff  2022