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Anthony Boucher

Contents of the Short Story Collections:  

Far and Away (1945)
*The Anomaly of the Empty Man
*The First
*The Other Inauguration
*Review Copy
*Secret of the House
*Star Bride
*They Bite
The Compleat Werewolf and other tales of fantasy and science fiction (1969)
*The Compleat Werewolf
*The Ghost of Me
*Mr. Lepescu
*The Pink Caterpillar
*They Bite
*We Print the Truth
Exeunt Murderers (1983)
*Black Murder
*The Catalyst
*Code Zed
*Coffin Corner
*Crime Must Have a Stop
*Death of a Patriarch
*Design for Dying
*The Ghost with the Gun
*The Girl Who Married a Monster
*Like Count Palmieri
*A Matter of Scholarship
*Mystery for Christmas
*The Punt and the Pass
*QL 696.C9
*The Retired Hangman
*Rumor, Inc.
*Screwball Division
*The Smoke-Filled Locked Room
*The Statement of Jerry Malloy
*The Stripper
*The Ultimate Clue

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