Duffy Brown

Pseudonym of Dianne Kruetzkamp. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. She currently lives in Milford, Ohio with her husband. She is an author and former teacher. She also writes romance novels under the pseudonym 'Dianne Castell'. She is the creator of:
1. 'Consignment Shop Mystery' series featuring Reagan Summerside, the owner of a consignment shop in Savannah, Georgia.
2. 'Cycle Path Mystery' series featuring Evie Bloomfield, the manager of a bike shop on Mackinac Island, Michigan.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Consignment Shop Mystery' Novels
 1) Iced Chiffon  2012
 2) Killer in Crinolines  2013
 3) Pearls and Poison  2014
 4) Dead Man Walker (e-novella)  2015
 5) Demise in Denim  2015
 6) Lethal in Old Lace  2018
 'Cycle Path Mystery' Novels
 1) Geared for the Grave  2014
 2) Braking for Bodies  2016
 3) Tandem Demise  2018