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Leslie Charteris

Contents of the Short Story Collections:  

Enter the Saint (1930)
*The Lawless Lady
*The Man Who Was Clever
*The Policeman with Wings
Featuring the Saint (1931)
*The Logical Adventure
*The Man Who Could Not Die
*The Wonderful War
Alias the Saint (1931)
*The Impossible Crime
*The National Debt
*The Story of a Dead Man
The Holy Terror (1932)
*Inland Revenue
*The Melancholy Journey of Mr. Teal
*The Million Pound Day
Once More the Saint (1933)
*The Death Penalty
*The Gold Standard
*The Man from St. Louis
The Misfortunes of Mr. Teal (1934)
*The Art of Alibi
*The Higher Finance
*The Simon Templar Foundation
The Brighter Buccaneer (1933)
*The Appalling Politician
*The Bad Baron
*The Blind Spot
*The Brain Workers
*The Brass Buddha
*The Export Trade
*The Five Thousand Pound Kiss
*The Green Goods Man
*The New Swindle
*The Owner's Handicap
*The Perfect Crime
*The Tough Egg
*The Unblemished Bootlegger
*The Unpopular Landlord
*The Unusual Ending
Boodle (1934)
*The Art Photographer
*The Damsel in Distress
*The Ingenuous Colonel
*The Loving Brothers
*The Man Who Liked Toys
*The Mixture As Before
*The Newdick Helicopter
*The Noble Sportsman
*The Prince of Cherkessia
*The Sleepless Knight
*The Tall Timber
*The Treasure of Turk's Lane
*The Uncritical Publisher
*The Unfortunate Financier
The Saint Goes On (1934)
*The Case of the Frightened Innkeeper
*The Elusive Ellshaw
*The High Fence
The Ace of Knaves (1937)
*The Beauty Specialist
*The Spanish War
*The Unlicensed Victuallers
The Happy Highwayman (1939)
*The Benevolent Burglary
*The Charitable Countess
*The Man Who Liked Ants
*The Man Who Was Lucky
*The Mug's Game
*The Smart Detective
*The Star Producers
*The Well-Meaning Mayor
*The Wicked Cousin
Follow the Saint (1939)
*The Affair at Hogsbotham
*The Invisible Millionaire
*The Miracle Teaparty
The Saint Goes West (1942)
*Palm Springs
The Saint on Guard (1945)
*The Black Market
*The Sizzling Saboteur
Paging the Saint (1943)
*The Man Who Could Not Die
*The Story of a Dead Man
Call for the Saint (1948)
*The King of Beggars
*The Masked Angel
Saint Errant (1949)
The Saint in Europe (1954)
*The Angel's Eye
*The Covetous Headsman
*The Golden Journey
*The Latin Touch
*The Loaded Tourist
*The Rhine Maiden
*The Spanish Cow
The Saint on the Spanish Main (1956)
*The Arrow of God
*The Black Commissar
*The Effete Angler
*The Old Treasure Story
*The Questing Tycoon
*The Unkind Philanthropist
The Saint Around the World (1957)
*The Lovelorn Sheikh
*The Patient Playboy
*The Pluperfect Lady
*The Reluctant Nudist
*The Sporting Chance
*The Talented Husband
Thanks to the Saint (1958)
*The Bunco Artists
*The Careful Terrorist
*The Good Medicine
*The Happy Suicide
*The Perfect Sucker
*The Unescapable Word
Concerning the Saint (1958)
*The Elusive Ellshaw
*The Spanish War
SeƱor Saint (1959)
*The Golden Frog
*The Pearls of Peace
*The Revolution Racket
*The Romantic Matron
The Saint Cleans Up (1959)
*The Arrow of God
*The Charitable Countess
*The Green Goods Man
*The Mug's Game
*The Unkind Philanthropist
The Saint to the Rescue (1961)
*The Element of Doubt
*The Ever-Loving Spouse
*The Fruitful Land
*The Gentle Ladies
*The Percentage Player
*The Water Merchant
Trust the Saint (1962)
*The Bigger Game
*The Cleaner Cure
*The Convenient Monster
*The Helpful Pirate
*The Intemperate Reformer
*The Uncured Ham
The Saint in the Sun (1964)
*The Better Mousetrap
*The Fast Woman
*The Hopeless Heiress
*The Jolly Undertaker
*The Prodigal Miser
*The Russian Prisoner
*The Ugly Impresario
The Saint on TV (1968)
*The Death Game
*The Power Artist
The Saint Returns (1969)
*The Dizzy Daughter
*The Gadget Lovers
The Saint Abroad (1970)
*The Art Collectors
*The Persistent Patriots
Catch the Saint (1975)
*The Adoring Socialite
*The Masterpiece Merchant
Send for the Saint (1977)
*The Midas Double
*The Pawn Gambit
The Saint in Trouble (1978)
*The Imprudent Professor
*The Red Sabbath
Count on the Saint (1980)
*The Pastor's Problem
*The Unsaintly Santa
The Fantastic Saint (1982)
*The Convenient Monster
*The Darker Drink
*The Gold Standard
*The Man Who Liked Ants
*The Newdick Helicopter
*The Questing Tycoon

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