P.F. Chisholm

Patricia Finney Chisholm studied History at Oxford. She also writes historical novels and novels for young adults. She is the creator of:
1. 'Sir Robert Carey', an amateur detective in Elizabethan times.
2. 'James Enys', a lawyer in Elizabethan London (written as Patricia Finney).
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Sir Robert Carey' Novels
 1) A Famine of Horses  1994
 2) A Season of Knives  1995
 3) A Surfeit of Guns  1996
 4) A Plague of Angels  1998
 5) A Murder of Crows  2010
 6) An Air of Treason  2014
 7) A Chorus of Innocents  2015
 8) A Clash of Spheres  2017
 9) A Suspicion of Silver  2018
 Omnibus Editions
 1) Guns in the North (Contains: A Famine of Horses, A Season of Knives and A Surfeit of Guns)  2017
 2) Knives in the South (Contains: A Plague of Angels, A Murder of Crows and An Air of Treason)  2017
 3) Swords in the East (Contains: A Chorus of Innocents, A Clash of Spheres and A Suspicion of Silver)  2018
 'James Enys' Novels (as 'Patricia Finney')
 1) Do We Not Bleed  2013
 2) Priced Above Rubies (e-book)  2017