Guy Cullingford

Pseudonym of Constance Lindsay Dowdy. She was born in Dovercourt, Essex. In 1928 she started her writing career with poems, stories and articles for several periodicals. In 1930 she married and her writing disappeared into the background. In 1948 her first crime novel appeared, Murder with Relish.
Four years later, with her children grown up, she spent more time on writing. The director of her publishing firm decided to publish her novels under the male pseudonym of 'Guy Cullingford'. Her real identity became known after she joined the 'Detection Club', 'Crime Writers Association' and 'Writers Guild of Great Britain'.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Murder with Relish  1948
 2) If Wishes Were Hearses  1952
 3) Post Mortem  1953
 4) Conjurer's Coffin  1954
 5) Framed for Hanging  1956
 6) The Whipping Boys  1958
 7) A Touch of Drama  1960
 8) Third Party Risk  1962
 9) Brink of Disaster  1964
10) The Stylist  1968
11) The Bread and Butter Miss  1979
12) Bother at the Barbican  1991