Michael Dibdin

Michael Dibdin was born in Wolverhampton as the son of a physics teacher. After Sussex University, where he studied English, he went for a course to Canada. Through misconduct he was thrown out of this course. He drifted from job to job, started his own business which went broke. He started to write but no publisher accepted his books. In the Seventies he wrote a 'Sherlock Holmes' novel which was readily published, The Last Sherlock Holmes Story.
In 1979 his first wife left him to return to Canada. Dibdin went to Italy and became an English teacher. In the Eighties he created his popular hero 'Aurelio Zen', an Italian police inspector. In 1994 his second marriage failed. He moved to Seattle, where he lived with the American detective story writer, Katherine Beck.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Aurelio Zen' Novels
 1) Ratking (Gold Dagger Award)  1988
 2) Vendetta  1990
 3) Cabal  1992
 4) Dead Lagoon  1994
 5) Cosi Fan Tutti  1996
 6) A Long Finish  1998
 7) Blood Rain  1999
 8) And Then You Die  2002
 9) Medusa  2003
10) Back to Bologna  2005
11) End Games  2007
Other Novels
 1) The Last Sherlock Holmes Story  1978
 2) A Rich Full Death  1986
 3) The Tryst  1989
 4) Dirty Tricks  1991
 5) The Dying of the Light  1993
 6) Dark Spectre  1995
 7) Thanksgiving  2000