Sarah Dunant
Pseudonym: Peter Dunant (with Peter Busby)

Sarah Dunant was born in London. She is a novelist, broadcaster and critic. She also writes historical fiction. She is the creator of 'Hannah Wolfe', a private eye. She also wrote together with Peter Busby under the pseudonym 'Peter Dunant'. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

┬┤Hannah Wolfe` Novels
 1) Birth Marks  1991
 2) Fatlands (Silver Dagger Award)  1992
 3) Under My Skin  1995
Other Novels
 1) Snowstorms in a Hot Climate  1988
 2) Transgressions  1998
 3) Mapping the Edge  1999
As ┬┤Peter Dunant` (with Peter Busby)
 1) Exterminating Angels  1983
 2) Intensive Care  1986