Frances Fyfield

Pseudonym of Frances Hegarty. She was born and brought up in Derbyshire. After reading English at Newcastle University, she had various jobs. She followed a law course and eventually finished it. She started to work for the Metropolitan Police and the Crime Prosecution Service. Later, she moved to the Crown Prosecution Service. Her first attempt at writing was a family saga, but she realised that it didn't work, so she started to write about what she knew. She is the creator of:
1. 'Helen West', a Crown Prosecutor in London.
2. 'Sarah Fortune', a solicitor.
3. 'Diana Porteous', an art collector and thief.
She also wrote a few novels under her own name. Visit also her official site.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Helen West' Novels
 1) A Question of Guilt  1988
 2) Trial by Fire (US Title: Not That Kind of Place [1990]) (Rumpole Award)  1990
 3) Deep Sleep (John Creasey Memorial Award, Silver Dagger Award)  1991
 4) Shadow Play  1993
 5) A Clear Conscience  1994
 6) Without Consent  1996
'Sarah Fortune' Novels
 1) Shadows on the Mirror  1989
 2) Perfectly Pure and Good  1994
 3) Staring at the Light  1999
 4) Looking Down  2004
 5) Safer Than Houses  2005
 6) Cold to the Touch  2009
'Diana Porteous' Novels
 1) Gold Digger  2012
 2) Casting the First Stone  2013
 3) A Painted Smile  2015
Other Novels
 1) Blind Date  1998
 2) Undercurrents  2000
 3) The Nature of the Beast  2001
 4) Seeking Sanctuary  2003
 5) The Art of Drowning  2006
 6) Blood from Stone (Duncan Lawrie Dagger Award)  2008
Novels as 'Frances Hegarty'
 1) The Playroom  1991
 2) Half Light  1992
 3) Let's Dance  1995