Russ Hall

Russell Lee Hall was born in Fort Collins, Colorada. He currently lives on the north shore of Lake Travis, Texas. He is an author and poet. He also writes western novels. He is the creator of:
1. 'Blue-Eyed Indian Mystery' series featuring Travis, a blue-eyed indian private investigator in Austin, Texas.
2. 'Al Quinn', a retired sheriff's detective in Texas.
3. 'Esther Walters', a 72-year-old amateur sleuth in Texas.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Blue-Eyed Indian Mystery' Novels
 1) The Blue-Eyed Indian  1997
 2) Bones of the Rain  2010
 3) South Austin Vampire  2010
 'Al Quinn' Novels
 1) To Hell and Gone in Texas  2014
 2) A Turtle Roars in Texas  2015
 3) Throw the Texas Dog a Bone  2016
 4) The Hairy Potter and Other Al Quinn Mystery Stories (short stories)  2017
 5) A Shot in the Texas Dark  2018
 6) Making It Rain in Texas  2019
 'Esther Walters' Novels
 1) No Murder Before Its Time  2003
 2) Black Like Blood  2005
 3) Goodbye, She Lied  2007
 Other Novels
 1) World Gone Wrong  1996
 2) Wildcat Did Growl  2000
 3) Island  2001
 4) Talon's Grip  2009
 5) Private Prodigy Eye  2017
 6) Starts with a Kiss  2019