Cyril Hare

Pseudonym of Alfred Alexander Gordon Clark. He was a barrister and later a county court judge. He was educated at Rugby. After Rugby he went to New College, Oxford, where he took a first in modern history. In 1924 he was called to the bar. Over the next fifteen years he built up a reasonable junior practice. In 1933 he married Mary Barbara Lawrence, a girl he had known since childhood. It was a happy marriage and produced a son and two daughters. Sadly, in 1958 he was taken ill and did not recover.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Tenant for Death  1937
 2) Death is No Sportsman  1938
 3) Suicide Excepted  1939
 4) Tragedy at Law  1942
 5) With a Bare Bodkin  1946
 6) When the Wind Blows  1949
 7) An English Murder  1951
 8) That Yew Tree's Shade  1954
 9) He Should Have Died Hereafter  1958
10) Best Detective Stories of Cyril Hare (short stories)  1958