Simon Hawke
Pseudonyms: J.D. Masters and S.L. Hunter (with Victor Milán)

Simon Hawke was born as Nicholas Valentin Yermakov in New York City but later changed his legal name to Simon Hawke. He also writes science fiction and fantasy novels. He is the creator of:
1. 'Shakespeare & Smythe' series featuring the young playwright William Shakespeare and the actor Symington Smythe in Elizabethan England.
2. 'Donovan Steele', a police lieutenant and half cyborg in future New York City (under the pseudonyms 'J.D. Masters' and 'S.L. Hunter' with Victor Milán [1954-2018]).


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Shakespeare & Smythe' Novels
 1) A Mystery of Errors  2000
 2) The Slaying of the Shrew  2001
 3) Much Ado About Murder  2002
 4) The Merchant of Vengeance  2003
 'Donovan Steele' Novels
 1) Steele (as J.D. Masters)  1989
 2) Cold Steele (as J.D. Masters)  1989
 3) Killer Steele (as J.D. Masters)  1990
 4) Jagged Steele (as J.D. Masters)  1990
 5) Renegade Steele (as J.D. Masters)  1990
 6) Target Steele (as J.D. Masters)  1990
 7) Fugitive Steele (as S.L. Hunter with Victor Milán)  1991
 8) Molten Steele (as S.L. Hunter with Victor Milán)  1991