Patricia Highsmith

Mary Patricia Hangman was born in Forth Worth, Texas. Later she took the name of her stepfather. When she was six, she moved with her mother and stepfather to New York. At the age of fifteen she started writing. She studied English, Latin and Greek at Barnard College, Columbia and obtained her BA in 1942. At twenty-three, she decided to become a writer but it took her six years to get her first novel published. The novel was bought by Alfred Hitchcock who made it into a film. In 1955 her first 'Ripley' novel was published. Tom Ripley became her best-known and most enduring character, featuring in five novels. He was not a detective but a murderer! Her novels are psychological thrillers.
In 1962, Highsmith moved permanently to Europe. First staying in Italy, then in England before settling in France. During the last years of her life, which she spent in Switzerland, she wrote very little.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Tom Ripley' Novels
 1) The Talented Mr Ripley  1955
 2) Ripley Under Ground  1970
 3) Ripley's Game  1974
 4) The Boy Who Followed Ripley  1980
 5) Ripley Under Water  1991
Other Novels
 1) Strangers on a Train  1950
 2) The Price of Salt (UK Title: Carol [1990])  1952
 3) The Blunderer (Also published as: Lament for a Lover [1956])  1954
 4) Deep Water  1957
 5) A Game for the Living  1958
 6) This Sweet Sickness  1960
 7) The Cry of the Owl  1962
 8) The Two Faces of January  1964
 9) The Glass Cell  1964
10) The Story-Teller ( UK Title: A Suspension of Mercy [1965])  1965
11) Those Who Walk Away  1967
12) The Tremor of Forgery  1969
13) The Snail Watchers (short stories) (UK Title: Eleven [1970])  1970
14) A Dog's Ransom  1972
15) The Animal-Lover's Book of Beastly Murder (short stories)  1975
16) Little Tales of Misogyny (short stories)  1977
17) Edith's Diary  1977
18) Slowly, Slowly in the Wind (short stories)  1979
19) The Black House  1981
20) The People Who Knock on the Door  1983
21) Mermaids on the Golf Course and Other Stories (short stories)  1985
22) Found in the Street  1986
23) Tales of Natural and Unnatural Catastrophes (short stories)  1987
24) Small G: A Summer Idyll  1995