Geoffrey Homes

Pseudonym of Daniel Geoffrey Homes Mainwaring. He was born in Oakland, California. He also wrote one novel under his own name. Apart from writing crime fiction, he also wrote scripts for film and television.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) The Man Who Murdered Himself  1936
 2) The Doctor Died at Dusk  1936
 3) The Man Who Didn't Exist  1937
 4) The Man Who Murdered Goliath  1938
 5) Then There Were Three  1938
 6) No Hands on the Clock  1939
 7) Finders Keepers  1940
 8) Forty Whacks (Also published as: Stiffs Don't Vote [1947])  1941
 9) The Street of the Crying Woman (UK Title: Seven Died [1943]) (Also published as: The Case of the Mexican Knife [1948])  1942
10) The Hill of the Terrified Monk (Also published as: Dead As a Dummy [1949])  1943
11) Six Silver Handles (Also published as: The Case of the Unhappy Angels [1950])  1944
12) Build My Gallows High  1946
As 'Daniel Mainwaring'
 1) One Against the Earth  1933