Larry Karp

Larry Karp grew up in Paterson, New Jersey and New York City. He practiced medicine for 25 years before becoming a crime writer. He is the creator of 'Thomas Purdue', a medical doctor, music box aficionado, and amateur sleuth in New York City. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Thomas Purdue' Novels
 1) The Music Box Murders  1999
 2) Scamming the Birdman  2000
 3) The Midnight Special  2001
 Other Novels
 1) First, Do No Harm  2004
 2) The Ragtime Kid  2006
 3) The King of Ragtime  2008
 4) The Ragtime Fool  2010
 5) A Perilous Conception  2011
 6) The Ragtime Traveler (completed by his son Casey Karp)  2017