Frances Lloyd

Frances Lloyd was born in Dagenham, Essex. She currently lives in the Scottish Highlands. She is an author and former freelance journalist and photographer. She is the creator of 'Jack Dawes', a Detective Inspector with Scotland Yard's murder squad.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Jack Dawes' Novels
 1) Nemesis of the Dead (Also published as: The Greek Island Killer [2019])  2009
 2) The Bluebell Killer  2010
 3) The Colour of Death (Also published as: The Shetland Killer [2019])  2011
 4) The House on Gallows Green (Also published as: The Gallows Green Killer [2019])  2012
 5) The Moon Killer  2020
 6) The Kings Market Killer  2020
 7) The Demon Killer  2021
 Other Novels
 1) Murder in Disguise  2018