Philip MacDonald
Pseudonym: Martin Porlock

Philip MacDonald was the son of Ronald MacDonald, novelist and playwright, and the grandson of George MacDonald, Scottish poet and novelist. His mother was a Shakespearean actress. After school, he joined the cavalry and served in Mesopotamia towards the end of the First World War. Together with his father, he wrote two books under the pseudonym 'Oliver Fleming'. Between 1930 and 1933, he wrote an average of five crime novels a year. Twelve of his novels feature 'Colonel Anthony Ruthven Gethryn'. He also wrote scripts for one of Hollywood's largest studios. Three crime novels were written under the pseudonym 'Martin Porlock'. In the US, these books were published under his own name.


Titles and year of publication:
 1) The Rasp  1924
 2) The White Crow  1928
 3) The Noose  1930
 4) The Link  1930
 5) Rynox (US Title: The Rynox Murder Mystery [1931]) (Also published as: The Rynox Mystery [1933]; and as: The Rynox Murder [1968])  1930
 6) Murder Gone Mad  1931
 7) The Choice (US Title: The Polferry Riddle [1931]) (Also published as: The Polferry Mystery [1932])  1931
 8) The Wraith  1931
 9) The Crime Conductor  1931
10) Harbour  1931
11) The Maze (US Title: Persons Unknown [1931])  1932
12) Rope to Spare  1932
13) Death on My Left  1933
14) R.I.P. (US Title: Menace [1933])  1933
15) The Nursemaid Who Disappeared (US Title: Warrant for X [1938])  1938
16) The Dark Wheel  1948
17) Fingers of Fear (short stories) (US Title: Something to Hide [1952]) (Edgar Award)  1953
18) Guest in the House  1956
19) The Man out of the Rain (short stories)  1957
20) The List of Adrian Messenger  1960
21) Death and Chicanery (short stories)  1963
As 'Martin Porlock'
 1) Mystery at Friar's Pardon  1931
 2) Mystery in Kensington Gore (US Title: Escape [1932])  1932
 3) X v. Rex (US Title: The Dead Police [1933]) (Also published as: The Mystery of Mr. X [1934])  1933