Alistair MacLean
Pseudonym: Ian Stuart

Alistair Stuart MacLean was born in Daviot, Scotland. He grew up on the family farm in the Scottish Highlands. In 1937, the family moved to Glasgow where Alistair was educated at Hillhead High School. His first job was as a shipping office clerk. In 1941, he joined the Royal Navy. Eventually he became a Leading Torpedo Operator. At the end of the war he returned to Glasgow to complete his education at the University of Glasgow. He obtained an honours degree in English Literature. MacLean became an English and History Master at a school just outside Glasgow. In 1949, he met a German girl, Gisela Heinrichsen, and got married. MacLean spent his spare time writing short stories. His first story, 'The Cruise of the Golden Girl', was published in Blackwood's Magazine in 1954. In 1955, his first novel was published which became an immediate bestseller. After this success, he resigned as master and moved with wife and child to Switzerland. In 1963, MacLean retired from writing and became a businessman. He bought four hotels and spent three years as an hotelier. During this period he was approached by Hollywood producer Elliott Kastner, who wanted him to write an original screenplay. MacLean did so and was back in the writing business. In 1971, he met the actress, Marcelle Georgius and fell in love with her. He divorced Gisela in 1972. In 1976, he attempted a reconciliation with Gisela. That didn't work although the couple remained on good terms. MacLean died in Munich after a series of strokes. He was buried in Switzerland. MacLean also wrote under the pseudonym 'Ian Stuart'.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) HMS Ulysses  1955
 2) The Guns of Navarone  1957
 3) South by Java Head  1958
 4) The Last Frontier (US Title: The Secret Ways [1959])  1959
 5) Night Without End  1960
 6) Fear Is the Key  1961
 7) The Golden Rendezvous  1962
 8) Ice Station Zebra  1963
 9) When Eight Bells Toll  1966
10) Where Eagles Dare  1967
11) Force 10 from Navarone  1968
12) Puppet on a Chain  1969
13) Caravan to Vaccares  1970
14) Bear Island  1971
15) The Way to Dusty Death  1973
16) Breakheart Pass  1974
17) Circus  1975
18) The Golden Gate  1976
19) Goodbye California  1977
20) Seawitch  1977
21) Athabasca  1980
22) River of Death  1981
23) Partisans  1982
24) Breakheart Pass  1983
25) San Andreas  1984
26) The Lonely Sea (short stories)  1985
27) Santorini  1986
As 'Ian Stuart'
 1) The Dark Crusader (US Title: The Black Shrike [1961])  1961
 2) The Satan Bug  1962