Nancy Barr Mavity

Nann "Nancy" Clark Barr was born in Lawrenceville, Illinois. She was an author, journalist, and teacher. She is the creator of 'Peter Piper', a star reporter for the Herald in San Francisco, California.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Peter Piper' Novels
 1) The Tule Marsh Murder  1929
 2) The Body on the Floor  1929
 3) The Other Bullet  1930
 4) The Case of the Missing Sandals  1930
 5) The Man Who Didn't Mind Hanging (UK Title: He Didn't Mind Hanging [1932])  1932
 6) The Fate of Jane McKenzie  1933
Other Novels
 1) The State vs. Elna Jepson  1937