James Melville
Pseudonym: Hampton Charles

Pseudonym of Roy Peter Martin. He was born in London. He read Philosophy at Birkbeck College before being conscripted in the RAF, then took up school-teaching. Most of his subsequent career has been spent overseas in cultural diplomacy and educational development. He is the creator of Superintendent Tetsuo Otani of the Hyogo Prefectural Police in Japan. Under the pseudonym 'Hampton Charles', he also wrote a few Miss Seeton novels, a character created by Heron Carvic. See also Hamilton Crane (Sarah J. Mason).


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Tetsuo Otani' Novels
 1) The Wages of Zen  1979
 2) The Chrysanthemum Chain  1980
 3) A Sort of Samurai  1981
 4) The Ninth Netsuke  1982
 5) Sayonara, Sweet Amaryllis  1983
 6) Death of a Daimyo  1984
 7) The Death Ceremony  1985
 8) Go Gently, Gaijin  1986
 9) Kimono for a Corpse  1987
10) The Reluctant Ronin  1988
11) A Haiku for Hanae  1989
12) The Bogus Buddha  1990
13) The Body Wore Brocade  1992
 Other Novels
 1) The Imperial Way  1986
 2) A Tarnished Phoenix  1990
 3) The Reluctant Spy  1995
 4) Diplomatic Baggage  1995
As 'Hampton Charles'
 1) Advantage Miss Seeton  1990
 2) Miss Seeton at the Helm  1990
 3) Miss Seeton, by Appointment  1990