Kenneth Millar
Pseudonyms: John Macdonald, John Ross Macdonald and Ross Macdonald

Kenneth Millar was born in Los Gatos, California and raised in Canada. In 1938, he graduated from the University of West Ontario. In the same year, he married Margaret Ellis Sturm who also wrote detective novels under the name Margaret Millar. He worked at the University of Toronto and taught English and History at a prep school and then at the University of Michigan. From 1944 till 1946, he served as an officer in the U.S. Naval Reserve. In this period, a few of his non-genre novels were published under his own name. After the war, he returned to Michigan and obtained a Ph.D. in English Literature in 1951. In 1949, his first 'Lew Archer' (a private detective in Southern California) novel was published under the pseudonym of John Macdonald. Later this name was changed, first to John Ross Macdonald and then to Ross Macdonald to avoid confusion with John D. MacDonald. In 1974, he was awarded the Grand Master Award for lifetime achievement from the Mystery Writers of America.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) The Dark Tunnel (Also published as: I Die Slowly [1955])  1944
 2) Trouble Follows Me (Also published as: Night Train [1955])  1946
 3) Blue City  1947
 4) The Three Roads  1948
'Lew Archer' Novels
 1) The Moving Target (Also published as: Harper [1966]) (as John Macdonald)  1949
 2) The Drowning Pool (as John Ross Macdonald)  1951
 3) The Way Some People Die (as John Ross Macdonald)  1951
 4) The Ivory Grin (Also published as: Marked for Murder [1953]) (as John Ross Macdonald)  1952
 5) Meet Me at the Morgue (UK Title: Experience with Evil [1954]) (as John Ross Macdonald)  1953
 6) Find a Victim (as John Ross Macdonald)  1955
 7) The Name Is Archer (short stories) (as John Ross Macdonald)  1955
 8) The Barbarous Coast (as Ross Macdonald)  1956
 9) The Doomsters (as Ross Macdonald)  1958
10) The Galton Case (as Ross Macdonald)  1959
11) The Ferguson Affair (as Ross Macdonald)  1960
12) The Wycherly Woman (as Ross Macdonald)  1961
13) The Zebra-Striped Hearse (as Ross Macdonald)  1962
14) The Chill (as Ross Macdonald)  1964
15) The Far Side of the Dollar (Gold Dagger Award) (as Ross Macdonald)  1965
16) Black Money (as Ross Macdonald)  1966
17) Archer in Hollywood (as Ross Macdonald)  1967
18) The Instant Enemy (as Ross Macdonald)  1968
19) The Goodbye Look (as Ross Macdonald)  1969
20) Archer at Large (as Ross Macdonald)  1970
21) The Underground Man (as Ross Macdonald)  1971
22) Sleeping Beauty (as Ross Macdonald)  1973
23) The Blue Hammer (as Ross Macdonald)  1976
24) Lew Archer, Private Investigator (short stories) (as Ross Macdonald)  1977
25) Archer in Jeopardy (as Ross Macdonald)  1979