Tom Mitcheltree

Tom Mitcheltree was born in Portland, Oregon. He currently lives in Woodburn, Oregon. He is an author and former high school teacher. He is the creator of:
1. 'Paul Fischer', a college professor in Maine.
2. 'Grant Reynolds', the lead investigator for the U.S. Legal Attaché office in Paris.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Paul Fischer' Novels
 1) Katie's Will  1997
 2) Katie's Gold  2003
 3) Missing, Maybe Dead  2006
 4) Loved by All and Dead (e-book)  2011
 5) In Search of a Saint (e-book)  2011
'Grant Reynolds' Novels
 1) Blink of an Eye  2004
 2) Death of a Carpenter  2006
 3) Crime of the Heart (e-book)  2011
 4) The Conspiracy of Silence (e-book)  2012
Other Novels
 1) Terror in Room 201  1980
 2) Dataman  1998