Miriam Grace Monfredo

Miriam Grace Monfredo is a author, historian, and former librarian. She lives in Rochester, New York. She is the creator of 'Glynis Tyron', town librarian of Seneca Falls in the 19th Century. Visit alo this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Glynis Tyron' Novels
 1) Seneca Falls Inheritance  1992
 2) North Star Conspiracy  1993
 3) Blackwater Spirits  1995
 4) Through a Gold Eagle  1997
 5) The Stalking Horse  1998
 6) Must the Maiden Die  1999
Other Novels
 1) Sisters of Cain  2000
 2) Brothers of Cain  2001
 3) Children of Cain  2002