Patricia Moyes

Patricia Pakenham-Walsh was born in Dublin. She was educated at Overstone girlsĀ“ school in Northampton. In 1939, she joined the WAAF. She always wanted to write and during her years as a flight officer she wrote sketches for barrack concerts. Peter Ustinov asked her to be his technical assistant on the film School for Secrets about the discovery of radar. They became friends. She later became his personal assistant for eight years. In 1951, she married the photographer John Moyes. The marriage broke up in 1959. She married James Haszard, a lawyer and interpreter at the international court of justice in The Hague. She is the creator of Scotland Yard detective 'Henry Tibbett', who features in all novels.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Dead Men Don't Ski  1959
 2) The Sunken Sailor (US Title: Down Among the Dead Men [1961])  1961
 3) Death on the Agenda  1962
 4) Murder a la Mode  1963
 5) Falling Star  1964
 6) Johnny Under Ground  1965
 7) To Kill a Coconut (US Title: The Coconut Killings [1966])  1966
 8) Murder Fantastical  1967
 9) Death and the Dutch Uncle  1968
10) Who Saw Her Die? (US Title: Many Deadly Returns [1970])  1970
11) Season of Snows and Sins  1971
12) The Curious Affair of the Third Dog  1973
13) Black Widower  1975
14) Who Is Simon Warwick?  1978
15) Angel Death  1980
16) A Six-Letter Word for Death  1983
17) Night Ferry to Death  1985
18) Black Girl, White Girl  1989
19) Twice in a Blue Moon  1993