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Stuart Palmer

Contents of the Short Story Collections:  

The Riddles of Hildegarde Withers (1947)
*The Riddle of the Black Museum
*The Riddle of the Blue Fingerprint
*The Riddle of the Doctor's Double
*The Riddle of the Green Ice
*The Riddle of the Lady from Dubuque
*The Riddle of the Snafu Murder
*The Riddle of the Twelve Amethysts
*The Riddle of the Yellow Canary
The Monkey Murder, and other Hildegarde Wither stories (1950)
*Fingerprints Don't Lie
*The Hungry Hippo
*The Long Worm
*Miss Withers and the Unicorn
*The Monkey Murder
*The Purple Postcards
*The Riddle of the Double Negative
*Tomorrow's Murder
People vs. Withers and Malone (1963)
*Autopsy and Evil
*Cherchez La Frame
*Once Upon a Train
*People vs. Withers and Malone
*Rift in the Loot
*Withers and Malone, Brainstormers
The Adventure of the Marked Man, and one other (1973)
*The Adventure of the Marked Man
*The Adventure of the Remarkable Worm
*The I.O.U. of Hildegarde Withers

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