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Ellery Queen

Contents of the Short Story Collections:

The Adventures of Ellery Queen (1934)
*The Adventure of the African Traveler
*The Adventure of the Bearded Lady
*The Adventure of the Glass-Domed Clock
*The Adventure of the Hanging Acrobat
*The Adventure of the Invisible Lover
*The Adventure of the Mad Tea-Party
*The Adventure of the One-Penny Black
*The Adventure of the Seven Black Cats
*The Adventure of the Teakwood Case
*The Adventure of the Three Lame Men
*The Adventure of the "Two-Headed Dog"
The New Adventures of Ellery Queen (1940)
*The Adventure of the Bleeding Portrait
*The Adventure of the Hollow Dragon
*The Adventure of the House of Darkness
*The Adventure of the Treasure Hunt
*The Lamp of God
*Long Shot
*Man Bites Dog
*Mind Over Matter
*Trojan Horse
The Case Book of Ellery Queen (1945)
*The Double Triangle
*The Hollow Dragon
*Honeymoon House
*The House of Darkness
*The Invisible Clock
*Long Shot
*Mind Over Matter
*The Teakwood Case
Calendar of Crime (1952)
*The Dauphin's Doll
*The Dead Cat
*The Emperor's Dice
*The Fallen Angel
*The Gettysburg Bugle
*The Ides of Michael Magoon
*The Inner Circle
*The Medical Finger
*The Needle's Eye
*The President's Half Disme
*The Telltale Bottle
*The Three R's
QBI: Queen's Bureau of Investigation (1954)
*The Black Ledger
*Child Missing!
*Cold Money
*Double Your Money
*Driver's Seat
*GI Story
*The Gamblers' Club
*A Lump of Sugar
*A Matter of Seconds
*Miser's Gold
*Money Talks
*"My Queer Dean!"
*The Myna Birds
*A Question of Honor
*The Robber of Wrightsville
*Snowball in July
*The Three Widows
*The Witch of Times Square
Queens Full (1965)
*The Case Against Carroll
*The Death of Don Juan
*Diamonds in Paradise
*E = Murder
*The Wrightsville Heirs
QED: Queens Experiments in Detection (1968)
*Abraham Lincoln's Clue
*The Broken T
*Dead Ringer
*Eve of the Wedding
*Half a Clue
*Last Man to Die
*The Little Spy
*The Lonely Bride
*Miracles Do Happen
*Mum Is the Word
*Mystery at the Library of Congress
*No Parking
*No Place to Live
*Object Lesson
*The President Regrets

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