Hilary Saunders
Pseudonyms: Barum Browne (with Geoffrey Dennis), Cornelius Coffyn (with John de Vere Loder), Francis Beeding (with John Leslie Palmer), David Pilgrim (with John Leslie Palmer) and John Somers (with John Leslie Palmer)

Hilary St George Saunders was born in Clifton, near Bristol, Avon. His education was interrupted by the First World War when he joined the Welsh Guards in 1916. After the war, he went to Balliol College, Oxford to study history. He soon decided that this was not what he wanted and so he started work with the League of Nations. He stayed on the job from 1920 to 1937. In that period he started his career as a writer. He teamed up with his boss, and best friend, John Leslie Palmer. They wrote under the pseudonyms 'Francis Beeding', 'David Pilgrim', and 'John Somers'. Saunders also wrote in collaboration with another colleague of the League of Nations, Geoffrey Dennis under the name 'Barum Browne'. As 'Cornelius Coffyn' he wrote in collaboration with a Member of Parliament, John de Vere Loder. In 1938, after the death of his first wife, Saunders secured the appointment as the Assistant Librarian at the House of Commons. In the Second World War, he was appointed as British Embassy liaison officer at France's Ministry of Information. By then, he had remarried. He went back to London and worked at the Air Ministry. Palmer died in 1944, and Saunders took another path in his literary career. He wrote several books about the war After the war he returned to the House of Commons, this time as a Librarian, till his retirement in 1950. A year later he died of asthma.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) The Sleeping Bacchus  1951
As 'Francis Beeding' (with John Leslie Palmer)
 1) The Seven Sleepers  1925
 2) The Little White Hag  1926
 3) The Hidden Kingdom  1927
 4) The House of Doctor Edwardes (Also published as: Spellbound [1945])  1927
 5) The Six Proud Walkers  1928
 6) The Five Flamboys  1929
 7) Pretty Sinister  1929
 8) The Four Armourers  1930
 9) The League of Discontent  1930
10) Death Walks in Eastrepps  1931
11) The Three Fishers  1931
12) Murder Intended  1932
13) Take It Crooked  1932
14) The Emerald Clasp  1933
15) The Two Undertakers  1933
16) The One Sane Man  1934
17) Mr Bobadil (US Title: The Street of the Serpents [1934])  1934
18) Death in Four Letters  1935
19) The Norwich Victims  1935
20) The Eight Crooked Trenches (Also published as: Coffin for One [1943])  1936
21) The Nine Waxed Faces  1936
22) Hell Let Loose  1937
23) The Erring Under-Secretary  1937
24) No Fury (US Title: Murdered: One by One [1937])  1937
25) The Black Arrows  1938
26) The Big Fish (US Title: Heads Off at Midnight [1938])  1938
27) He Could Not Have Slipped  1939
28) The Ten Holy Horrors  1939
29) Eleven Were Brave  1940
30) Not a Bad Show (US Title: The Secret Weapon [1940])  1940
31) The Twelve Disguises  1942
32) There Are Thirteen  1946
As 'Barum Browne' (with Geoffrey Dennis)
 1) The Devil and X.Y.Z.  1931
As 'Cornelius Coffyn' (with John de Vere Loder)
 1) The Death Riders  1935
As 'David Pilgrim' (with John Leslie Palmer)
 1) The Emperor's Servant (short stories)  1946
As 'John Somers' (with John Leslie Palmer)
 1) The Brethren of the Axe  1926