Dorothy L. Sayers

Dorothy Leigh Sayers was born in Oxford. She spent most of her childhood in the Fens where her father took over the living of Bluntisham Rectory, Cambridgeshire. At 14 she was send to school where she spent an unhappy time. Later she studied at Oxford where she enjoyed herself. In 1915 she came down from University with a degree in languages and started to work for a publisher. In 1926 she married Oswald Fleming, a journalist. They managed to stay together although it was not an easy marriage. She is the creator of 'Lord Peter Wimsey', an amateur sleuth. See also Jill Paton Walsh.


Titles and year of publication:

 1) Whose Body?  1923
 2) Clouds of Witness  1926
 3) Unnatural Death  1927
 4) The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club  1928
 5) Lord Peter Views the Body (short stories)  1928
 6) The Documents in the Case  1930
 7) Strong Poison  1930
 8) Five Red Herrings  1931
 9) Have His Carcase  1932
10) Murder Must Advertise  1933
11) Hangman's Holiday (short stories)  1933
12) The Nine Tailors (Rusty Dagger Award)  1934
13) Gaudy Night  1935
14) Busman's Honeymoon  1937
15) In the Teeth of the Evidence  1939
16) Striding Folly (short stories)  1973
17) Thrones, Dominations (finished by Jill Paton Walsh)  1998


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