Mickey Spillane

Frank Morrison Spillane was born in Brooklyn, New York. He was raised in New Jersey and educated at Kansas State University in Manhattan. When he was just seventeen, he began to contribute stories to several magazines. He soon became a scripter and editor for Funnies, Inc., where he wrote comic-books. In the Second World War, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. He rose to the rank of captain and became an instructor of cadets in Basic Training at Greenwood, Mississippi. Towards the end of the war, he flew numerous combat missions. In 1945, he married and built a house in Newburgh, New York. In 1947, his first 'Mike Hammer' (a private investigator) novel was published. The Hammer novels are continued by Max Allan Collins. In 1952, Spillane became a Jehovah's Witness and decided to devote himself to his new-found faith. In the early Sixties, he made a comeback as a writer. In 1962, he divorced. Two years later he married for the second time. In 1965 due to falling sales, he created a new hero 'Tiger Mann', a killer of a secret organisation out to protect American interests across the world.
In 1973, he abandoned writing and found himself a new career promoting beer in a series of television commercials. In 1980, he started writing again. In 1983, he received the Shamus Award for Lifetime Achievement. Spillane lived in South Carolina with his third wife.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Mike Hammer' Novels
 1) I, the Jury  1947
 2) My Gun Is Quick  1950
 3) Vengeance Is Mine!  1950
 4) The Big Kill  1951
 5) One Lonely Night  1951
 6) Kiss Me, Deadly  1952
 7) The Girl Hunters  1962
 8) The Snake  1964
 9) The Twisted Thing  1966
10) The Body Lovers  1967
11) Survival...Zero!  1970
12) The Killing Man  1989
13) Black Alley  1996
'Tiger Mann' Novels
 1) Day of the Guns  1964
 2) Bloody Sunrise  1965
 3) The Death Dealers  1965
 4) The By-Pass Control  1966
Other Novels
 1) The Long Wait  1951
 2) The Deep  1961
 3) Me, Hood! (three novellas)  1963
 4) The Flier (two novellas)  1964
 5) Return of the Hood (two novellas)  1964
 6) Killer Mine (two novellas)  1965
 7) The Delta Factor  1967
 8) Me, Hood (two novellas)  1969
 9) The Tough Guys (three novellas)  1969
10) The Erection Set  1972
11) The Last Cop-Out  1973
12) Tomorrow I Die (short stories)  1984