Susannah Stacey
Pseudonym: Elizabeth Eyre

Pseudonym of Jill Staynes and Margaret Storey. As school friends, they began writing together early in life. They have written many stories for children. As far as the crime novels are concerned, they wrote two very different series: one with medieval Italian sleuth 'Sigismondo' (under the pseudonym Elizabeth Eyre) and the other with modern Superintendent 'Robert Bone'.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Robert Bone' Novels
 1) Goodbye Nanny Gray  1987
 2) A Knife at the Opera  1988
 3) Body of Opinion  1988
 4) Grave Responsibility  1990
 5) The Late Lady  1992
 6) Bone Idle  1993
 7) Dead Serious  1995
 8) Hunter's Quarry  1998
'Sigismondo' Novels (as 'Elizabeth Eyre')
 1) Death of the Duchess  1992
 2) Curtains for the Cardinal  1993
 3) Poison for the Prince  1994
 4) Bravo for the Bride  1994
 5) Axe for an Abbot  1995
 6) Dirge for a Doge  1996