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Rex Stout

Contents of the Short Story Collections:  

Black Orchids (1942)
*Black Orchids
*Cordially Invited to Meet Death
Not Quite Dead Enough (1944)
*Booby Trap
*Not Quite Dead Enough
Trouble in Triplicate (1949)
*Before I Die
*Help Wanted, Male
*Instead of Evidence
Three Doors to Death (1950)
*Door to Death
*Man Alive
*Omit Flowers
Curtains for Three (1950)
*Bullet for One
*Disguise for Murder
*The Gun with Wings
Triple Jeopardy (1951)
*The Cop-Killer
*Home to Roost
*The Squirt and the Monkey
Three Men Out (1954)
*Invitation to Murder
*This Won't Kill You
*The Zero Clue
Three Witnesses (1956)
*Die Like a Dog
*The Next Witness
*When a Man Murders
Three for the Chair (1957)
*Immune to Murder
*Too Many Detectives
*A Window for Death
And Four to Go (1958)
*Christmas Party
*Easter Parade
*Fourth of July Picnic
*Murder Is No Joke
Three at Wolfe's Door (1960)
*Method Three for Murder
*Poison a la Carte
*The Rodeo Murder
Homicide Trinity (1962)
*Counterfeit for Murder
*Death of a Demon
*Eeny Meeny Murder Mo
Trio for Blunt Instruments (1964)
*Blood Will Tell
*Kill Now - Pay Later
*Murder Is Corny
Death Times Three (1985)
*Assault on a Brownstone
*Bitter End
*Frame-Up for Murder
Justice Ends at Home and other stories (1977)
*An Agacella Or
*Heels of Fate
*Jonathan Stannart's Secret Vice
*Justice Ends at Home
*The Lie
*Methode Americaine
*The Mother of Invention
*An Officer and a Lady
*Pamfret and Peace
*The Pay-Yeoman
*A Professional Recall
*The Rope Dance
*Rose Orchid
*A Tyrant Abdicates
*Warner & Wife

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