Tony Strong
Pseudonyms: J.P. Delaney and Jonathan Holt

Tony Strong was born in Uganda. He was educated at Winchester and Oxford. After university he went into the advertising business. He lives in London and Oxfordshire with his wife and three sons. He also writes romantic novels with a food theme under the pseudonym 'Anthony Capella'. He is the creator of:
1. 'Kat Tapo', a Captain of the Carabiniere in Venice, Italy (under the pseudonym 'Jonathan Holt').
2. 'Terry Williams', a young academic and amateur sleuth.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Kat Tapo' Novels (as 'Jonathan Holt')
 1) The Abomination (Also published as: The Boatman [2013])  2013
 2) The Abduction  2014
 3) The Absolution (Also published as: The Traitor [2015])  2015
 'Terry Williams' Novels
 1) The Poison Tree  1998
 2) The Death Pit  1999
 Other Novels
 1) The Decoy  2002
 2) Tell Me Lies  2003
 As 'J.P. Delaney'
 1) The Girl Before  2017
 2) Believe Me  2018
 3) The Perfect Wife  2019
 4) Playing Nice  2020
 5) My Darling Daughter  2022