Julian Symons

Julian Gustave Symons was born in London. He was educated at a series of private schools. He left school at the age of fourteen and started work with an engineering company. In 1937 he founded the magazine Twentieth Century Verse which ended with the start of the war. In 1944 he was discharged from the army and started working as an advertising copywriter in London. In 1945 his first crime novel was published. In 1947 he became a full-time writer. Besides crime novels, he also wrote poetry, biographies, history and criticism. He has won the award for the best novel of the year from both the British Crime Writers' Association and the Mystery Writers' Association of America. He has been chairman of the CWA, was president of the Detection Club for nine years and in 1977 was made a Grand Master of the Swedish Academy of Detection. He is the creator of:
1. 'Inspector Bland', a Scotland Yard detective.
2. 'Sherwood Haynes', an actor who has become well known for playing Sherlock Holmes in a popular TV series.
3. 'Francis Quarles', a private detective in London.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Inspector Bland' Novels
 1) The Immaterial Murder Case  1945
 2) A Man Called Jones  1947
 3) Bland Beginning  1949
'Sherwood Haynes' Novels
 1) A Three-Pipe Problem  1975
 2) The Kentish Manor Murders  1988
'Francis Quarles' Novels
 1) Murder! Murder! (short stories)  1961
 2) Francis Quarles Investigates (short stories)  1965
 3) The Detections of Francis Quarles (short stories)  2006
Other Novels
 1) The Thirty-First of February  1950
 2) The Broken Penny  1953
 3) The Narrowing Circle  1954
 4) The Paper Chase (US Title: Bogue's Fortune [1957])  1956
 5) The Colour of Murder ( Gold Dagger Award, Crossed Red Herrings Award)  1957
 6) The Gigantic Shadow (US Title: The Pipe Dream [1959])  1958
 7) The Progress of a Crime (Edgar Award)  1960
 8) The Killing of Francie Lake (US Title: The Plain Man [1962])  1962
 9) The End of Solomon Grundy  1964
10) The Belting Inheritance  1965
11) The Man Who Killed Himself  1967
12) The Man Whose Dreams Came True  1968
13) The Man Who Lost His Wife  1970
14) The Players and the Game  1972
15) Notes from Another Country (short stories)  1972
16) The Plot Against Roger Rider  1973
17) How to Trap a Crook (short stories)  1977
18) The Blackheath Poisonings  1978
19) Sweet Adelaide  1980
20) The Great Detectives (short stories)  1981
21) The Detling Murders (US Title: The Detling Secret [1983])  1982
22) The Tigers of Subtopia (short stories)  1982
23) The Name of Annabel Lee  1983
24) The Criminal Comedy of the Contented Couple (US Title: A Criminal Comedy [1986])  1985
25) Death's Darkest Face  1990
26) Something Like a Love Affair  1992
27) The Man Who Hated Television (short stories)  1995
28) Playing Happy Families  1995
29) A Sort of Virtue  1996