C.M. Wendelboe

Curt M. Wendelboe lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He is an author and retired lawman. He is the creator of:
1. 'Tucker Ashley', a lawman in 1870s Dakota.
2. 'Bitter Wind Mystery' series featuring Arn Anderson, a retired Denver homicide detective.
3. 'Nelson Lane', a U.S. Marshall in the 1930s.
4. 'Manny Tanno', an FBI Special Agent in South Dakota.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Tucker Ashley' Novels
 1) Backed to the Wall  2017
 2) Seeking Justice  2018
 3) When the Gold Dust Died in Deadwood  2019
 'Bitter Wind Mystery' Novels
 1) Hunting the Five Point Killer  2017
 2) Hunting the Saturday Night Strangler  2018
 3) Hunting the VA Slayer  2019
 'Nelson Lane' Novels
 1) The Marshall and the Moonshiner  2018
 2) The Marshall and the Sinister Still  2019
 3) The Marshall and the Mystic Mountain  2020
 'Manny Tanno' Novels
 1) Death Along the Spirit Road  2011
 2) Death Where the Bad Rocks Live  2012
 3) Death on the Greasy Grass  2013
 4) Death Etched in Stone  2019
 Other Novels
 1) An Extralegal Affair  2019
 2) The Man Who Hated Hickok  2019