Arthur Wise
Pseudonym: Bryan Swift (house name)

Arthur Wise was born in York. He was an author and drama consultant. He wrote two novels in the 'Mac Wingate' series featuring a special agent and demolitions expert in World War II (under the house name 'Bryan Swift'). The other novels in that series were written by William Cecil Knott and Richard Meyers.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Mac Wingate' Novels (as 'Bryan Swift')
 1) Mission Code: Symbol  1981
 2) Mission Code: Acropolis  1982
 Other Novels
 1) The Little Fishes  1961
 2) The Death's-Head  1962
 3) The Day the Queen Flew to Scotland for the Grouse Shooting  1968
 4) Leatherjacket  1970
 5) Who Killed Enoch Powell?  1970
 6) The Naughty Girls  1972
 7) Blood-Red Rose  1981