Richard Wormser
Pseudonyms: Nicholas Carter (house name) and Ed Friend

Richard Edward Wormser was born in New York City. He was an author and screenwriter. He also wrote western novels and 17 stories as 'Nick Carter' for the Nick Carter Magazine. He is the creator of:
1. 'Andrew "Andy" Bastian', a police lieutenant in Naranjo Vista, California.
2. 'Jocelyn "Joe" Dixon', a detective sergeant in Manhattan, New York City.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Andrew "Andy" Bastian' Novels
 1) Drive East on 66  1961
 2) A Nice Girl Like You  1963
 'Jocelyn "Joe" Dixon' Novels
 1) The Man with the Wax Face  1934
 2) The Communist's Corpse  1935
 Other Novels
 1) The Hanging Heiress (Also published as: The Widow Wore Red [1958])  1949
 2) The Body Looks Familiar  1958
 3) The Late Mrs. Five  1960
 4) Perfect Pigeon  1962
 5) Torn Curtain  1966
 6) The Takeover  1971
 7) The Invader (Edgar Award)  1972
 As 'Nicholas Carter'
 1) Murder Unlimited  1945
 2) Death Has Green Eyes  1946
 3) Empire of Crime  1946
 4) Park Avenue Murder  1946
 As 'Ed Friend'
 1) The Infernal Light (novelization of the "Green Hornet" TV series)  1966
 2) The Corpse in the Castle (novelization of "The Most Deadly Game" TV series)  1970