Wade Wright

Pseudonym of John Wright. He was born in South Africa where he lived most of his life. He was an author and radio scriptwriter. He also wrote western novels under the pseudonym ‘Ray Nolan’. He is the creator of:
1. 'Calhoun', a Vietnam veteran working for a U.S. security agency.
2. 'Paul Cameron', a private investigator in California.
3. 'Bart Condor', a private investigator in New York City.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Calhoun' Novels
 1) Don't Come Back!  1973
 2) The Girl from Yesterday  1982
 'Paul Cameron' Novels
 1) Shadows Don't Bleed  1967
 2) The Sharp Edge  1968
 3) No Haloes in Hell  1969
 4) The Hades Hello  1973
 'Bart Condor' Novels
 1) Blood in the Ashes  1964
 2) Suddenly You're Dead  1964
 3) A Hearse Waiting  1965
 4) Until She Dies  1965
 5) Blonde Target  1966
 6) Two Faces of Death  1970
 Other Novels
 1) It Leads to Murder  1981
 2) Death at Nostalgia Street  1982