Brian Battison

Brian Battison was born in Northampton. He had a variety of jobs, from industrial management to general labouring, before attending drama school and embarking upon a career as an actor. In 1990 he decided to give up acting and become a full-time writer. He is the creator of 'Jim Ashworth', a Detective Chief Inspector.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Jim Ashworth' Novels
 1) The Christmas Bow Murder  1994
 2) Fool's Ransom  1994
 3) Crisis of Conscience  1995
 4) The Witch's Familiar  1996
 5) Truths Not Told  1996
 6) Poetic Justice  1997
 7) Mirror Image  1998
 8) Jeopardy's Child  1998
Other Novels
 1) Flying Pigs  1998