Larry Bond

Larry Bond spent six years in the Navy. After leaving the Navy, he worked as a naval analyst for defense consulting firms. He lives with his wife and daughters in Virginia, near Washington DC , and is a full-time writer and games designer. Although his name did not appear on the cover he co-authored Tom Clancy's Red Storm Rising. He also wrote two series together with Jim DeFelice called Larry Bond's First Team and Red Dragon Rising. He is the creator of 'Jerry Mitchell', a pilot-turned-submarine officer. Visit also his official site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Jerry Mitchell' Novels
 1) Dangerous Ground  2005
 2) Cold Choices  2009
 3) Exit Plan  2012
 4) Shattered Trident  2013
 5) Fatal Thunder  2016
 6) Arctic Gambit  2018
 'First Team' Novels (with Jim DeFelice)
 1) Larry Bond's First Team  2004
 2) Angels of Wrath  2006
 3) Fires of War  2006
 4) Soul of the Assassin  2008
 'Red Dragon Rising' Novels (with Jim DeFelice)
 1) Shadows of War  2009
 2) Edge of War  2010
 3) Shock of War  2012
 4) Blood of War  2013
 Other Novels
 1) Red Storm Rising (with Tom Clancy)  1986
 2) Red Phoenix (with Patrick Larkin)  1989
 3) Vortex (with Patrick Larkin)  1991
 4) Cauldron (with Patrick Larkin)  1993
 5) The Enemy Within (with Patrick Larkin)  1996
 6) Day of Wrath (with Patrick Larkin)  1998
 7) Lash-Up  2015
 8) Red Phoenix Burning (with Chris Carlson)  2016